Tuesday, 18 November 2014

INTJ vs. kids


Monday, 17 November 2014


I found this guy on a social networking site and came to know that he was an ENFP. I didn't know what that meant, so I Googled and found out that I was an INTJ. I also found out that INTJ and ENFP make the perfect match! So we texted back and forth and there hasn't been a response from him in two days. He hasn't even been seen online in two days.

This morning, I took a nap and dreamed that someone was announcing his death. I woke up horrified, wrote it down and was teary eyed. It is such a terrible thing to dream of someone's death! Especially one who you think you might end up with!

Anyway, he finally texted back and the relief that flooded me was inexplicable.

My point of contention is this- I always say that I don't care about anyone or anything. I always say that it doesn't matter to me what others do. I always say that I couldn't care less.

The truth is- I do care. Not for people's opinions. But I do care about people and what happens to them. It is a fact and difficult to accept. Because when you do care, you are in constant fear of getting your expectations crushed which I am not a fan of! The constant thinking, analyzing, interpreting, attempts at reading between the lines and the will-he-won't-he is so annoying and draining! Damn it! Someone give me a piece of your mind!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

An eye-opener

Until maybe two weeks ago, I thought the following about myself-
  1. I maybe suffering from depression.
  2. I am anti social since I can't make friends that easily and have a tough time maintaining relationships. I hate being around people (other than family and close friends).
  3. Family and friends have said that I have a perpetually-annoyed look. What is wrong with me? Am I not happy? 
  4. I prefer working alone. I like being by myself. I like spending time with myself. Am I loner? Do I need help?
  5. People, team work and socializing is exhausting.
  6. Family and friends tell me I don't talk much. Am I a psychopath? On the other hand, I blog about such intimate details and complete strangers around the world read it. What does that tell about me?
  7. I am incapable of telling someone I love them. I am incapable of feeling comfortable hugging someone. Am I even allowed to be human?
  8. I have mood swings. Not the normal kind. It is unpredictable even to myself. Should I visit a shrink?
  9. I can't stand people talking stupid. Why am I to intolerant toward people?
  10. Why do I have to think so much? It's exhausting!
 Then, this happened two weeks ago.

I am okay. I am fine. I am human. I am normal. I am a good person. I am an INTJ.

You can take the test here. I am in no way endorsing the website.